Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My first offering ...

Where frozen embers still burn

Meeting you in life was an absolute delight,
Hearts rhymed perfect and eyes were bright,
Glow of a red blush on my face,
With your every blazing fiery embrace,

When souls took a far off flight,
There was a beauty even in the murky sight,
A tender heartache and you were there,
Those days certainly are lost somewhere,

Shunning the present and living in past,
Misery that would move the most obdurate heart,
No mold can shape as I quiver molten, 
Memories of best times are frigid frozen,

Illusions of your breath every moment,
Diving deep into heart, flowing torrent,
Red running in my veins has turned auburn,
Frozen embers in my heart still slowly burn !

Written August 18th, 2014
© Dr. Upma A. Sharma 


  1. What a beautiful offering, a heart drenched with love:)

    So, finally you are in!!!! congratulations for the new blog. Please add a button of followers to this, so that we can follow you!!!

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  5. Thanks a lot dear Vandana for ur support n lovely words ..

  6. Many thanks for ur kind visit !!